About Shibuya Coaching

Shibuya Coaching is an organisation providing coaching services on a face-to-face basis in London and via phone, Skype, email and messenger worldwide.

What's in a name?

Shibuya is a district of Tokyo synonymous with fashion and youth culture. It's also famous for its 'scramble crossing'. A big crossing which is always crowded. When the crossing is active, all traffic stops and hundreds of people scramble across the road in all directions. I felt the metaphor of scrambling for direction whilst at a crossroads in your life was quite appropriate to coaching.

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About Steve Frost

Hi, I'm Steve. I’m a life and career coach and I run Shibuya Coaching.

I help people who feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled or anxious in their current role or situation to figure out a plan and, most importantly, start making real steps towards the role or situation they want and deserve. This can appear daunting - I’ve been there myself! As your coach, I won’t tell you what to do or give you all the answers, but I have the training, experience and tools to support you all along the way.

I’m a qualified coach with a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching issued by The Coaching Academy, the UK’s top coach training institution. I've held a Certificate in Personal Coaching since February, 2016 and achieved a distinction in my Diploma in August, 2017. I’ve used formal coaching methods as part of a number of people management roles for some top companies (Sainsbury’s, WPP, Accenture, Bank of America, etc) for about a decade and I now run a full-time coaching business. I aim to bring a positive shift forward to the life of every client I work with.

Hmm, now what else? How did I get here? Big questions.

I spent almost 20 years in the IT industry. For most of that time, I held various management positions at big companies. I still enjoy a bit of IT. However, the last couple of years at my previous employer weren't great. Huge organisational changes, politics, questionable management methods employed by the senior management team, etc. I ended up undermined and felt pretty worthless. I left.

Rather going to another company, getting another job, carrying on in the same fashion, I decided to take some time out. I went on a rather fantastic trip around the world. Plenty of me-time and plenty of time to think. I made up my mind that I'd like to put some of the coaching and management skills I'd built up over the years to better use.

I returned, I signed up for my coaching diploma and here I am...Steve Frost, Coach.

Accredited by The Coaching Academy

By seeking out a coach, you’ve already made a positive step forward. So we can find out more about each other, it’d be great if we could have a no obligation chat about what you’d like to change and achieve and what we can do together. If you'd like more information about coaching or some travel tips, get in touch. I'd really love to hear from you.

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