Frequently Asked Questions

You can participate in a coaching session on a one-to-one basis, or as park of a group workshop scenario. It is a way of supporting you in a non-directive way - you are the expert in you. Coaching is not a patch up job, it is not meant to be a temporary fix. With your commitment, it will form the basis of life-changing processes which allow you to explore your ideas, fears, goals and challenges. You will discover what has been holding you back and you'll be able to use that to challenge any limiting beliefs you might have. You'll be able to empower yourself to apply new beliefs and ideas. Coaching will:
  • help you to clarify exactly what it is you want
  • enable you to evaluate how possible it is to achieve it
  • help you identify any obstacles you may have to overcome
  • identify a range of options and appraise each one's merit
  • help you to identify, set and achieve key life goals
More about coaching?
Everyone varies. Everyone's personal situation is different. Twelve sessions are recommended. Great personal changes and realisations can occur over a 90 – 180 day period, however, most people sign up for the six session package to begin with. Between us, we can design a package that's suitable for you.

After your initial intake session, you will be helped to plan how you can achieve your goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible each week or fortnight, you will take action each day/week (you decide) and start to bring transformation or change to your life. Your coaching session will focus on what is going on in your life right now and assist you in setting up action plans for success.

In our initial chat, you'll design how you want to schedule in your sessions. They should be spaced at regular intervals. For someone new to coaching, I'd recommend weekly or fortnightly, but we will work at whatever pace is most affective for you.

Coaching is supportive and encouraging. This is fundamental should you become disillusioned or unsure of your progress. Remember the saying “if you continue to do what you have always done you will get the results that you have always got”.

Life can be hard. We can be in what seems like unchangeable situations. You do have options, though. There is always a choice that can be made, however unlikely that may seem. With coaching and time, you will find it can be life changing. All you need is a desire for change, an open mind and be committed to wanting to take action. You will receive the right support for you to enable you to transform your life as you want to.

We can all 'invest' our money in the things that make us happy or give us please. A night out. A haircut. A new pair of jeans. Or any other number of luxury items. Treats are essential and well-deserved, however, the thrill can be short lived, the ‘fix’ has to be repeated on a regular basis, and you still have to go back to the everyday grind of the life you currently live with nothing changed. Your commitment to coaching is an investment in your life and your future. Can you afford not to? Where do you want to be in 5 years time? Is it where you are now? If not, get in touch.

During sessions, either over the telephone or during a one to one meeting, you will explore how far you have come and what your current issue or goal is for the session.

Through the use of powerful and effective questioning it will be possible to identify what is currently working well in your life, what is not working so well, what you want in your life and how to go about getting those things. With your coaches help:

  • You will determine the topic to be explored
  • You will agree to set specific actions during each session, which you will act on over the coming week
  • You will be made aware of any negative or limiting beliefs or language that you currently practise
  • You will be listened to carefully and respectfully
  • You will be supported during all the sessions
  • You will never be judged nor criticised
  • You will not be told what to do

Either drop me a message or book an introductory call to find out more and have any questions you might have answered. I'll then follow up with a brief questionnaire which aims to stimulate your thoughts as well as provide useful information from which to build a successful coaching relationship.

You will then return your questionnaire by email and your contract agreement by email. Once you're comfortable with the process and have had your questions answered, the next step is to book in a suitable series of sessions.

You can pay by Paypal or BACS transfer. Payment is due in advance of any package starting. For longer packages, a payment plan can be worked out at the time of booking.